LED Chandeliers Are Good for You and for the Environment

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LED Chandeliers Benefit More than Your Home

Slowly but surely we are finally starting to get on the right track with the environment. From increasing our use of renewable energy, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and finding more sustainable ways to live in harmony with the planet, we have never been in a better position to satisfy all our needs without the world around us suffering for it. LED chandeliers are a perfect example of the effort to retain the lifestyles we know and love while reducing our impact on our finite amount of resources.
It is no secret that the vast majority of scientists consider climate change to be a man-made phenomenon, and our dependence on fossil fuels to power our wasteful products is exponentially exacerbating the situation, but LED technology is a powerful breakthrough in our efforts to find sustainable alternatives. An LED bulb, for example, uses upwards of 75% less energy than a regular light bulb, but produces the same amount of natural-looking light. This means that we need to produce far less energy than before in order to achieve the same results, and can therefore take a formally wasteful product, like the chandeliers of past times, and incorporate them into a daily part of our home’s illumination, all while using less resources and spending less money. LED's are also very safe to the touch when operating on them; even if they've been on for hours. 
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